PharmEvo Research Forum announces Research Grants

PharmEvo Research Forum brings about the innovation of its kind by launching another program Clinical Research Grant. The idea behind it is to enhance research and development by assisting healthcare professionals and alike to conduct and publish quality research which is hindered due to monetary reasons. Launching ceremony was held on 23rd June 2021 in Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences and attended by eminent leaders of medical community. Mr Jamshed Ahmed, Deputy Chief Executive Officer PharmEvo, highlighted the need of research grants for many young researchers who are unable to conduct quality work despite having brilliant ideas. This was endorsed by Mr Shoukat Ali Jawaid, Chairperson of PharmEvo Research Forum.

Busy clinicians should develop a reading habit and learn time management - Dr. Masood Jawaid

Brevity is the beauty of scientific writing, follow journal guidelines and remain within word limits - Dr Musarrat Riaz

PharmEvo Research Forum encourages researchers and health care professionals to enhance their reading and learning habit. This was discussed at a workshop Winning the Publication Game, organized by PharmEvo Research Forum, in Dept of Internal Medicine at Baqai Medical University (BMU). Multiple speakers attended the session, including Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Prof Jameel Ahmed. Dr Masood Jawaid, Director PRF, while addressing the audience at the said workshop, discussed different aspects of research, emphasized upon its significance, and targeted approach. Dr Musarrat Riaz, Associate Professor and Consultant Endocrinologist at BIDE (BMU), stressed upon the need of learning research from the basics to develop quality work. Prof Jameel Ahmed endorsed the efforts of PRF and assured all his assistance to promote research and development.

PharmEvo Research Forum Launching Ceremony

PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals one of the leading national pharmaceutical companies known for ethical marketing practices in collaboration with Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences has established PharmEvo Research Forum. Eminent medical personalities from different disciplines who have keen interest in research and academics, which includes Editors of three medical journals, have been identified from all over Pakistan who are members of the Advisory Panel.

PharmEvo Research Forum Signs MOU With Dept. Of Medicine At BMU

Academia Industry collaboration for Research projects should be acknowledged and promoted – Prof. Jameel Ahmed Academia and Industry collaboration for Research projects should always be acknowledged, welcomed and promoted. There are major limitations for many health care physicians to actively engage and publish large amount of quality data, which is available with them in all health care facilities. We should make it a priority to publish evidence and involve in research activities. This was stated by Prof. Jameel Ahmed, Professor of Medicine at Baqai Medical University .